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Five Ways a Parker QuickFit™ Oil Change System Can Increase Your Equipment ROI

It’s time for a scheduled oil change—a routine maintenance procedure critical to the operation and life expectancy of your company’s machinery and vehicles. A little downtime and a few hours of work, and you’re back in business, right?

Let’s take an up-close look at the hidden costs associated with a ‘simple’ oil change, which can impact your bottom line. These costs include lost production, proper staff training, oil change equipment, consumable supplies, and their disposal, labor, testing and inspection. According to Machinery Lubrication, what you end up with is an expensive oil change that exceeds 40x greater than the cost of the oil itself.

Increasing equipment ROI

Lowering operating costs is a top priority for businesses in any industry. Today, a new solution is available that makes the routine oil change a great place to start. That solution is the Parker QuickFit Oil Change System, an ingenious way of delivering a faster, cleaner and safer oil change every time, which translates into increased profitability. Here’s how the system can impact your equipment ROI.


1. Return equipment to full operation faster:

Pulling a vehicle or piece of equipment out of its normal rotation is expensive. Each minute these assets go off-line, your organization is missing revenue. Even a routine oil change renders your equipment out of commission for at least an hour. The QuickFit Oil Change System delivers a faster, cleaner oil change in as little as 30 minutes. Ask yourself, what does a time reduction of about 50 percent mean? It means the vehicle or machine will be returning to full operation faster and generating revenue.

2. Reduce consumables:

Changing oil sounds simple enough, but as you know, there are many consumable supplies, accessories, tools, and equipment necessary to complete the process. With a lot of moving pieces associated with the traditional oil change, there’s an enhanced risk that an oil spill may occur, impacting workers and the environment. Simplicity is best and that’s where QuickFit can deliver a safe and efficient oil change. This is achieved through an accessible, single connection point that allows the oil 5 Ways QuickFit™ Oil Change System Can Increase Your Equipment ROI diagram Quick Coupling Divisionto drain directly from the vehicle to the final waste containment for complete control. For the technician, this means utilizing fewer tools, saving oil and creating less consumable waste. As a result, there’s a significant reduction in oil change costs, improving ROI and opening up new opportunities to spend money enhancing other facets of your business.

3. Cut labor costs attributed to each oil change:

A traditional oil change is pretty straightforward, correct? Unfortunately, there are many steps to getting the job done right. QuickFit can alleviate these challenges and reduce oil change times by 50 percent with a three-step standardized process to purge, evac and refill the oil system. The direct result is lower labor costs per oil change and greater productivity for your technicians.

QuickFit applies ergonomic principles with a simplified design that delivers an easy, fast and safe way to performing oil changes by significantly reducing the number of steps involved with the process. This includes reducing time and effort to locating access points while eliminating the need to remove the oil drain plug and prefilling the filter. A single connection point allows the oil to drain directly to the waste containment and a vacuum is applied to extract the used oil from the pan. This same connection point is then utilized to refill the system with new oil through the filter. By applying one connection per compartment, this eliminates the exposure to fluids and reduces the possibility of slips, falls, and burns. Improved safety conditions while changing oil save time and costs by avoiding workplace injuries while increasing productivity.

4. Standard process for every model of equipment:

Each OEM, make and model has unique engine configurations for equipment, which are consistently updated every few years. The traditional method of changing oil means technicians need to be trained on all types of engine compartments to effectively complete the task. However, different instructions and processes during training could cause potential errors, leading to unplanned downtime and lost productivity. Whether you’re a skilled technician or trainee, there’s minimum training involved with the QuickFit system. A three-step process to purge, evacuate and refill oil ensures oil changes can be completed correctly and hassle-free, every time.

5. Protect your equipment:

Cross threading a drain plug, introducing contaminated oil, starting the machinery dry: a traditional oil change presents a number of risks that could put the performance and longevity of equipment in jeopardy, affecting your workflow and costs. By simplifying the process to three easy steps, the QuickFit system minimizes safety hazard risks and maintains the integrity of your machines and equipment, thus improving your bottom line.

The easy-to-use solution!

Parker’s QuickFit Oil Change System provides a solution that is incredibly easy to use, simplifying routine maintenance while increasing productivity and eliminating the risk of spills and contamination. The system is fast, clean, efficient and a major contributor to your company’s equipment ROI. Visit your local Colliflower ParkerStore to talk with an expert and purchase a QuickFit. Download a quick guide to QuickFit here:

Download • 2.85MB

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