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Let Us Serve You Better!

Sign up for an Account, join our Customer Portal, and apply for Net 30 Terms, below.

Account Set Up - Benefits at the Counter

Account Benefits

Product Discounts -  Receive your most competitive pricing on best in class products & services after qualification by an assigned Sale Rep. 

Payment Terms - To ensure ease of doing business, set up an account and enjoy the benefits of Net 30 terms *pending terms approval* (see below Net 30 Credit Application).

Additional Payment Options - Enjoy the flexibility of using additional payment formats such as credit card, ACH, etc.

Product Tracking - With account sign up, your company's product history is readily available, which increases reordering speeds, ensures product integrity, and more! For additional ease, join our web portal for self-management of your account.

Purchase History - We can provide on-demand purchase histories for your company. It's what you should expect, and account sign up will ensure that you get it! For additional ease of access, join our web portal.

Even FASTER Service throughout our Network - All of the above is easily accessible from any Colliflower location, no matter where the job takes you!

Account Request Form

1. Sign up for a Colliflower Account using our easy form (below). We may contact you with any questions or necessary clarifications.

2. You will receive an email at the provided contact address(es) with account details, including an Account #.

3. Share your Colliflower Account # with anyone on your team who will be doing business with us.

4. Begin shopping to enjoy all of the features and benefits of your Colliflower Account!

5. While you're at it, request access to our Customer Portal to have up to the minute access to all account details!

Custome Portal
Net 30 Credit Aplication
contact us

We now have an account portal available!


Do you need copies of invoices? 

Just log in to the portal!

Do you need a current statement? 

Just log in to the portal!

Would you like to view and track recent or open orders - including shipment tracking info?

Just log in to the portal!

Would you like to see your open quotes?

Just log in to the portal!

Would you like to make a payment using your credit card or bank account (E-check) with no additional charges?

You guessed it, just log in to the portal!!

If you would like to register, please follow the link below and click on New Customers (if you currently do not have a Colliflower account) or Existing Customers (if you already have a Colliflower account).

Apply for Net 30 Credit Terms

To send a credit application for Net 30 terms, download & print from this link.

Credit apps can be emailed to, or faxed to: 410-826-3727.

For assistance with any customer accounting-related inquiries, reach us directly at: 443-815-3027, or email:, M-F, 8am-5pm.

We look forward to serving you!

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