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Parker's SensoControl ServiceJunior Is the Pressure Monitoring Solution You Need!

Proper hydraulic system pressure is critical to optimal equipment operation, but you're only as good as the monitoring tools you use.

Last generation’s pressure tracking systems were fine for the time, but those systems were prone to errors and issues that are unacceptable and unnecessary in today’s market. If you’re still using mechanical gauges and wired monitoring devices, you’re barely scratching the surface of modern diagnosis and condition monitoring.

Step up to Parker ServiceJunior.

Those who keep a ServiceJunior mobile monitoring solution in their arsenal are working better - and smarter - than ever before:

"Service Jr. is essential for ensuring the safety of our job sites and the quality of our work. It allows me to monitor system pressure without being in front of the gauge - and I can monitor more than one system. It literally allows me to be in two places at once. It's a real game changer."

-Joe F., Colliflower Customer

ServiceJunior provides on-the-go pressure monitoring, even for several systems at once, so that you can keep things "flowing" behind the scenes.

ServiceJunior Features & Functionality

ServiceJunior allows users to measure, display and store pressures in a single device!

  • Available for hydraulic and pneumatic service in pressures up to 7,800 psi

  • Pressure peaks reliably recorded with a sample rate of 10 ms

  • Start/stop functionality w/ automatic data compression

  • Set & save min/max pressure readings; measurements available up to 24 hours and started with the push of a button.

  • Stored measurement data transferrable in CSV format via USB interface

  • ServiceJunior CONNECT upgrade allows for viewing pressures remotely on a preferred smart device


Maintenance and Service | Pressure Test | Leak Test | Maintenance and operation | Quality management and laboratory


MIN/MAX display | Adjustable display filter | ZERO function | Automatic deactivation adjustable | Reversable units | Data logger and realtime clock optional


Mobile hydraulics | Industrial hydraulics | Pneumatics | Plants and machinery | Environment engineering

Whether you are diagnosing a system malfunction or need an alert when pressure is drifting out its proper range, Parker ServiceJunior digital pressure gauges are the right tool for the job!

Contact Colliflower today for a demo, or to get started with digitally monitoring your valuable equipment! Or, find and visit your closest Colliflower ParkerStore location at:

We look forward to serving you!

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