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Six Hoses. One Solution.

The Problem

Our customers usually visit one of our Parker Stores when they have an urgent problem: a leaking hose, a busted connection, or any number of things that can take them away from their job. Whatever the cause may be, they need the best solution to get back to the jobsite – fast.

Parker’s offerings extend to over thousands of possibilities, so knowing the best direction to take is a detailed process. Identification of the optimal solution requires our product experts do some sleuthing - sometimes involving a lengthy diagnosis for proper hose and fitting selection, covering the STAMP (Size, Temperature, Application, Media, Pressure) methodology.

As quickly as we might go, we wanted to be faster - and so did our customers.

The Solution

A solution only matters if it’s better for you, and Parker has one on the market that exceeds expectations: the GlobalCore system of hoses.

GlobalCore covers the common pressure classes under one hydraulic hose standard. It’s a robust, unified family of hoses designed to endure the tough conditions where work gets done – wherever you are.

Any pressure. Any project. One solution.

With the ability to choose from six hoses, three cover options, and two fitting series, Parker’s GlobalCore hose and fitting solution is simpler, better, and ultimately faster.

GlobalCore is the solution that will get you out the door and back to work – even faster.

The Deeper Dive

Launched in 2016, GlobalCore was the world’s first high-performance cohesive hose & fitting system. Designed, built, and tested to the ISO 18752 specification, the GlobalCore system simplifies specification for OEMs and end users around the globe by providing a comprehensive family of products specified by working pressure, not construction, and designed for the most used constant working pressure classes.

GlobalCore expands the range of ISO 18752 hoses with options for the most critical sizes and pressure ranges: 7 MPa (1,000 psi) to 42 MPa (6,000 psi) in sizes -4 through -48. GlobalCore hoses also feature a smaller outside diameter, weigh less, and are more flexible, simplifying installation. What’s more, GlobalCore hoses have a smaller bend radius that lets designers place key components — such as pumps and valves — closer together, so systems can be more compact.

With more than 3,000 configurations to choose from, Parker’s 43 Series and 77 Series fittings cover the widest range of applications while simplifying the selection process with GlobalCore hoses.

The Wrap

Colliflower’s ParkerStore locations proudly stock GlobalCore hoses & fittings to get you back to work faster than ever before. We choose GlobalCore with care, whenever it is the optimal solution.

Any pressure. Any project. One solution. GlobalCore is a unified family of robust hydraulic hoses designed to endure the tough conditions where work gets done – designed for you.

Find your Colliflower ParkerStore. Visit:

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