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No More Spills! 8 Reasons Why You Need a New Oil Change Process | Infographic

A routine oil change is anything but routine. Fleet engines and industrial machinery pose a variety of challenges that make conventional oil changes time-consuming, messy and hazardous for the technician and the environment. The equipment to perform such a task is specialized and features unique instructions and a level of complexity that requires comprehensive training. These obstacles only increase the chances of a human error occurring during an oil change.

It’s best for oil changes to have a standardized approach. Parker’s QuickFit™ Oil Change System can deliver a faster, cleaner and safer oil change every time. This revolutionary way of changing oil utilizes a more accessible, single point connection to purge, evacuate and refill oil. That means no drips, no leaks, and no spills. Whether you’re a skilled mechanic or technician trainee, minimum training is involved to use QuickFit. Perform oil changes in a fast and effective manner and have more time to focus on improving the business’ bottom line. 

One access point

No need to deal with cramped and hard-to-reach spaces and multiple points. QuickFit’s easily accessible single connection point does it for you. 

Oil changes in less time

Oil changes can be done in 30 minutes or less. Purge the filter, evacuate the used oil and refill with new oil from a single connection point.

Less is more

Few tools are necessary to use the QuickFit Oil Change System. The complete oil change system features simple installation to get you changing the oil in no time.

Reduce oil change times

A 50% reduction in oil change times. Rather than dealing with complicated instructions and equipment, QuickFit’s 3-step process is a more standardized solution to deliver faster oil changes every time. 

Eco-friendly solution

QuickFit Oil Change System creates less consumable waste than conventional oil changes.

Improve safety conditions for oil changes

Reduce exposure to hazardous materials and the possibility of slips, falls, and burns. QuickFit’s ergonomic design allows for easier access, simplifying the oil change process.

Reduction of oil spills

Reduce oil spills, leaks and drips. QuickFit Valve connects directly from the vehicle to final containment for complete control. This means a reduction of leaks and spills with no clumsy removal of oil pan plugs and filled filters.

Comes down to dollars and cents

Eliminate the hidden costs of oil changes and improve your bottom line with a faster, cleaner and safer oil change through QuickFit Oil Change System.

Experience a faster, cleaner and safer oil change today and visit your local Colliflower store to learn more.

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