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How Tight Is Tight? SAE Fittings: Assembling Adjustable Elbow Fittings

Live from our newest Colliflower ParkerStore in Trenton, NJ is the second installment in our web series: "How Tight Is Tight?". This quick instructional video features SAE fittings. Colt shows you how to avoid O-ring damage and leakage issues that usually occur when under or overtightening your SAE fittings.

Watch the video and follow the steps below for additional reference:

1. Inspect your tapered fitting threads for any damage, dents, or scratches, which can make installation difficult or create a leak path.

2. Lubricate the O-ring using preferred method, such as hydraulic fluid.

3. Backoff lock knot so it cannot move. 

4. Fully thread into port thread.

5. Back off to desired angle - no more than one full turn.

6. Move wrench to turn the lock knot down. This seals the O-ring to prevent leakage.

7. To ensure correct torque specifications, refer to the 4300 Parker catalog (see below document for reference):

Download PDF • 1.84MB

8. Steady the fitting body and turn lock nut with wrench to correct torque specifications.

9. Stop into your local Colliflower ParkerStore to purchase high-quality Parker hose & fittings, and to speak with one of our product experts. Check out our Locations page to find your store details! Subscribe to our blog to join us weekly as we share more in this informative new series. Our next installment features JIC fittings.

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