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How Tight Is Tight? Correct Assembly of JIC / 37 Degree Fittings

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

We're back to help get your JIC fittings "right-tight" with a quick how-to from Colliflower's Trenton, NJ ParkerStore location. We know that following the proper guidance is key to avoid issues which can cost you time and money! 

Watch the video and follow the steps below for additional reference:

1. Inspect your 37 degree JIC / 37 degree fitting at both the sealing surface and hose ends for damage, dents, or scratches, any of which can make installation difficult or create a leak path. 2. Mate surfaces and tighten to 'wrench resistance' (aka 'flats from wrench tight').

3. Mark notches where aligned to note SAE dash size. Refer to the Parker 4300 Assembly catalog pages S21-S22 (available below) to determine proper specifications.

Download PDF • 361KB

4. Tighten to specifications - and you're set!

5. Stop into your local Colliflower ParkerStore to purchase high-quality Parker hose & fittings, and to speak with one of our product experts. Check out our Locations page to find your store details!

6. Subscribe to our blog to join us as we share more Colliflower product knowledge!

Last but not least, stop by your local Colliflower ParkerStore to talk with a Connector Specialist for more details:

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