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Training Classes

Classes are conducted by certified Fluid Connector Specialists and Technicians and cover a wide variety of topics including:

Dry Technology

Leaks? We can teach why and how to prevent and repair expensive and potentially dangerous leaks. This is a comprehensive class that covers the various sealing methods, installation and routing that will result in an efficient, leak-free hydraulic system from the tank to the return filter. This knowledge will save you time and money in each system you design, plumb and install. 

International Thread Identification

If you want to know the difference between imperial threads, metric connectors, British forms, proprietary and Japanese threads, then this seminar is for you!  You will learn the differences of each type, and the methods to identifying the various forms of connecting threads. This hands-on class will give participants the knowledge and tools to become experts in thread identification. 

Proper Hose Assembly

Did you know that a common reason for hose failure is improper hose assembly?  After completion of this presentation, attendees will be able to demonstrate their understanding of proper hose measuring, cutting, fitting insertion, tooling selection, crimper operation and hose assembly inspection. This class is a money saver and possibly a life saver! Participants will receive a certificate of demonstration and understanding upon completion of this seminar, which is a must for businesses that are making their own hose assemblies.

Parker SafetyWorks

SafetyWorks training promotes the importance of following proper practices and maintaining safe conditions with regard to fluid systems. This program is ideal for managers responsible for a safe working environment. Ultimately, safety is everyone's business and Colliflower is here to help!


  • STAMP- An acronym that describes the important elements in selecting the proper hose and connectors for your hydraulic system.


  • Residual Pressure- What is residual pressure and how can it damage equipment or a person? This short seminar provides all the answers and tools to prevent injuries to you or your machinery.


  • Hose Conductivity- Can hydraulic hose act as a conductor for electricity? What does an electric current do in a hydraulic hose assembly? This brief module informs attendees of the dangers and preventative measures to prevent electrical shock or electrocution from contact with high voltage power sources.


  • Hydraulic Oil Injection Injuries- Oil injection injuries are mostly misunderstood by not only the working public, but the medical community as well. This training module, through a multimedia presentation, teaches attendees how to prevent, identify and the importance of immediate treatment of an injection injury. Your team will benefit greatly from this vital life- and limb-saving information.

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